I am not photogenic. I'm presentable enough in person but in a photo I look like Frankenstein's monster ready to stroke out in three. So I haven't pu my picture on any of the well known social sites, or on my CV, or on this site. I basically did this for the kids, they use the internet and there are some things they shouldn't have to see.

So what to do for profile pictures?

I knew I wanted something unique for each site, yet I wanted each site's profile picture to have a relevance to that site, and also to hang together with all the others - to have an overarching aesthetic.

So I decided to use the common user logos for these sites as my profile picture, but to run each of them through some image filters in processing and for this site I chose a generic stick figure, also ran through processing.

This allows me to have a unified but unique look, and since the color combinations are done algorithmically I can change my aesthetic quickly.

Here is an example of some of the pictures:

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