This is the first post of this blog, as mine is a utilitarian enterprise I will now describe it

A Compendium Blog

A Compendium blog gathers data from the various enterprises, projects, other blogs and digital presence of its proprietor(s). This does not mean reposting content, but rather shortening it, placing related things together, or making meta commentary on a project.

  1. Suppose I have several open source projects that relate to each other, I might do a single post here describing the relation.
  2. If a project has experienced a good deal of activity recently, that activity might be summarized here.
  3. If I publish a list of related articles elsewhere a post would probably appear here describing the relation between the articles, or discussing the impetus for the articles.
  4. In the case of fiction I might use this blog as a place to describe what I see as the reasons for various decisions I might have made in writing the original piece.
  5. Writing on cross project design decisions and personal content strategies will probably also appear here.
A Proviso

All that said, I have some things to write that I might just put here until I have the actual channels up for processing it.